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Learn about protein purification and analysis from knowledge resources, community, products, and news.

Protein purification forum

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Join this discussion forum to share insights and ask questions related to protein purification and analysis.

Scientists discussing protein purification

Knowledge library

Practical advice in protein purification and analysis including downloads, videos, and other resources.

Scientist displaying an ÄKTA avant protein purification system
protein purification

Products for proteins

Find protein purification and analysis products including ÄKTA systems, Biacore SPR systems, and consumables.

Reading news in lab

Protein blog & news

Get tips from our Protein Skills blog and keep up-to-date on protein purification and analysis news and events.

Accelerate your research by learning and sharing in the protein discussion forum.

ÄKTA club

Access. Learn. Share. Ask.

ÄKTA system

Get off to a flying start in affinity chromatography

Purifying antibodies, tagged proteins, or other specific groups of biomolecules? Check out the new affinity chromatography handbook for tips, protocols, and application examples.  

Affinity chromatography

New interactive product selection guides

Select the right chromatography column or media using our interactive product selection guides including our wide range of size exclusion chromatography (SEC) media.

Selection columns

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