Biacore 4000

High-throughput SPR without compromise



60 h unattended operation with parallel analysis of up to 16 targets.


Large-scale molecular analysis generating up to 4800 interactions in 24 h.



High sensitivity and high quality interaction data for better-informed decision making.


Software solutions for increased productivity and performance.

Meeting productivity needs in drug discovery

A powerful solution for large-scale, label-free molecular interaction analysis, delivering high throughput without compromising on data quality. The system provides innovative solutions for maximizing productivity in key areas such as antibody selection, biotherapeutic, and small molecule (LMW) drug discovery.

Microfluidics optimized for throughput and flexibility

The innovative design of the flow system increases sample throughput and allows several different experimental conditions to be tested in parallel, accelerating assay development.

Hardware tailored for high productivity

Biacore 4000 performs 60 h of unattended operation, reducing labor and increasing productivity. In the rack hotel, up to 10 rack trays (microplates and reagent rack) can be loaded with automatic rack exchange. The system supports both 96- and 384-well microplates.

Solutions for workflow integration

The software includes solutions for system integration with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to simplify import and export of sample data, run information, and results. The sample manager imports data from XML, text, or Microsoft® Excel® files.

Intuitive software for rapid data processing and analysis

The software maximizes productivity, while maintaining flexibility and user friendliness. Automated tools speed up analysis of large data sets, including automated quality control tools to identify infrequent sensorgram disturbances, predefined evaluation methods, and validation algorithms for kinetics and affinity.

Dedicated consumables help you reach your goals

Whether you are working with antibodies, tagged proteins, or small molecules, we offer an extensive range of consumables to help you on the road to precise data. Biacore sensor chips, capture kits, reagents and ready-made buffers are available to support for analysis of a wide range of interactions.


Parameter Specification*
Applications Kinetics/affinity characterization, kinetics/affinity screening, LMW interaction analysis, fragment screening, epitope mapping, immunogenicity, concentration analysis
Association rate (ka) (proteins) 103 to 109 M-1s-1
Dissociation rate (kd) 5 × 10-5 to 1 s-1
Affinity range fM to mM
Concentration range 2 pM to 2 mM
Precision (concentration analysis) <5% CV
Molecular weight limit > Mr 50
Baseline noise < 0.1 RU (RMS)
Baseline drift < 0.3 RU/min in ambient temperature range 15°C to 35°C
Sample volume (kinetics) 28 to 376 μL
Immobilized molecule consumption 3 to 10 μg/spot
Analysis temperature 4°C to 40°C
Sample storage temperature 4°C to 40°C
Data collection rate 1 or 10 Hz

Sample capacity

Antibodies: 10 × 96, LMW: 6 × 384
Number of flow cells 4 × 5 spots
Unattended run time 60 h
Data evaluation time 120 curve sets < 6 min
GxP support Yes (included)
Additional packages Antibody extension, LMW extension
* Specifications are representative values and may vary depending on experimental conditions and individual properties of ligand and analyte.
The application can be performed with limitations in software and/or hardware functionality.

For more technical specifications, download the Biacore 4000 datafile.

Compare technical specifications for different Biacore systems.

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