Biacore C

Confident concentration analysis in GxP environments – from preclinical development to QC



Reliable and reproducible protein quantitation within drug development and in quality control.


Easily determine concentrations of protein therapeutics and vaccines with an application-tailored software.



Quality control, stability studies, and biopharma release testing fully supported with validation services including IQ and OQ.


Designed for concentration analysis in GLP/GMP regulated areas, supporting 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Precision in QC

Biacore C is specifically designed for fully automated concentration determination in GxP regulated applications. The system has a strong position in quality control (QC) applications, combining SPR with advanced instrumentation to reduce sample usage with a design-validated system for enhanced data security. High quality, real-time data are provided, meeting the highest demands for precision, accuracy, and reproducibility.

For regulated environments

The software is designed to support the GLP/GMP regulated working processes with built-in validation features for compliance with worldwide regulations. Assay development, concentration analysis, and evaluation of test data are straightforward with the user-friendly wizard based software.

Full validation support

Biacore C is fully supported with validation services, including Installation and Operational qualification (IQ/OQ) documentation upon system delivery and on-site IQ/OQ performance by a certified Biacore engineer. To maintain the system in a validated state, a maintenance requalification service is also included.

Dedicated consumables help you reach your goals

Whether you are working with antibodies, tagged proteins, or small molecules, we offer an extensive range of consumables to help you on the road to precise data. Biacore sensor chips, capture kits, reagents and ready-made buffers are available to support for analysis of a wide range of interactions.


Parameter Specification*
Applications Concentration analysis
Concentration range 10 pM to 1 mM
Precision (concentration analysis) <5% CV
Molecular weight limit > Mr 180
Baseline noise < 0.6 RU (RMS)
Baseline drift < 0.3 RU/min
Sample volume (concentration analysis) 5 to 325 μL
Immobilized molecule consumption Typically 1 μg
Analysis temperature 25°C (fixed)
Sample storage temperature Ambient (external thermostating possibility)
Data collection rate 1 Hz
Sample capacity 2 × 96
Number of flow cells 4
Unattended run time 24 h
Data evaluation time Total analysis time < 5 min/sample
GxP support Yes (included)
Additional packages No
* Specifications are representative values and may vary depending on experimental conditions and individual properties of ligand and analyte.
The application can be performed with limitations in software and/or hardware functionality.

For more technical specifications, download the Biacore C datafile.

Compare technical specifications for different Biacore systems.

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