ÄKTA avant

Gain productivity with fast and secure development of purification processes.

AKTA avant

Gain efficiency in your process development


Quick start-up and efficient method development.


Operational security when the system is run unattended.

AKTA avant


Quick and predictable scaling of processes.


DoE functionality captures more precise information in fewer experiments.

Efficient method development

Create methods easily using predefined protocols for a wide range of chromatographic techniques. Installed in a network, share methods among users, monitor runs, and evaluate results from your office computer. The integrated design of experiments (DoE) tool helps save time and increase process knowledge.

Learn how representatives from the biopharmaceutical industry use ÄKTA avant to gain efficiency in their development of purification processes for biopharmaceuticals.

Unicorn system control

High operational security

Keep track of column usage and performance with Column Logbook. A high degree of automation supports operational security when system is run unattended. The built-in fraction collector keeps your fractions securely cooled when system is used outside working hours.

Read more about system features supporting reliable operations.

AKTA avant view

Accelerate your process development

Using the integrated DoE functionality of the UNICORN software, the number of experiments required to obtain sufficient process information can be greatly reduced. The software allows you to set up your experimental design and automatically generate chromatography scouting runs to save time.

Learn how to implement DoE in process development to gain confidence in your results.

Design of experiments

Add increased automation to your ÄKTA avant system

Download and install the instrument configuration (IC) software for ÄKTA avant 25 or ÄKTA avant 150 free of charge for increased automation capabilities. The IC software supports an interactive process picture, in-line use of external monitors and autosampler, multi-step purification, and reversed phase chromatography (RPC) fractionation.

ÄKTA avant

Scale up to larger columns

ÄKTA avant is available in two versions. ÄKTA avant 25 is optimized for resin screening and method optimization using small columns. ÄKTA avant 150 is designed for scaling up to larger columns, such as AxiChrom columns, as well as fine-tuning and robustness testing of the optimized process.

Learn how AxiChrom columns ensure optimal packing

Scientist working on ÄKTA avant and Hiscreen column

Use high-flow resins for shorter runtimes

Short runtimes are important, especially in manufacturing. ÄKTA avant can help reduce your runtimes by supporting high flow rates, and is well-suited for use with high-flow BioProcess chromatography resins from the MabSelect and Capto range.

Scientist working with ÄKTA avant

ÄKTA avant replaces ÄKTAexplorer

ÄKTAexplorer has offered reliable protein purification since 1996, making it the preferred choice for many laboratories conducting process development.

Following the success of ÄKTAexplorer, ÄKTA avant chromatography system was introduced in 2009 to bring protein purification to the next level.


Convenience, security, and efficiency

ÄKTA avant is a preparative protein purification chromatography system designed for fast and secure development of scalable methods and processes.

Large buffer storage area
Touchscreen for easy system handling
Door and pump cover protects flow path
Wet side with modules
Sample placement
Swivel foot for easy access to all sides
Storage box
Integrated cooled fraction collector


Flow rate

Flow rate range

0.001–25 ml/min (ÄKTA avant 25)

0.01–150 ml/min (ÄKTA avant 150)

Operating pressure

Max. operating pressure

20 MPa (ÄKTA avant 25)

5 MPa (ÄKTA avant 150)



Process Development


UNICORN 6.3.2 or later

Parameter ÄKTA avant 25 ÄKTA avant 150
Application Fast and secure process development and method optimization. Fast and secure process development and scale-up
Flow rate range 0.001–25 ml/min 0.01–150 ml/min
Max. operating pressure 20 MPa 5 MPa
Max. operating pressure (sample pump) 10 MPa 5 MPa
Viscosity range (system pump) 0.35–10 cP 0.35–5 cP
Viscosity range (sample pump) 0.7–10 cP 0.7–10 cP
Tubing inner diameter (flow path) 0.75/0.5 mm 1.0 mm
Parameter ÄKTA avant 25 and 150
For more technical specifications, download the ÄKTA avant datafile.
Compare technical specifications for different ÄKTA systems.
Multiple sample injection Yes, up to 7 samples
Automatic buffer preparation BufferPro
Buffer selection 14 buffer inlets, option up to 28
Multi-step purification Yes (optional)
UV, multiple wavelength detection Yes, up to 3 wavelengths, 190–700 nm
UV, fixed wavelength Optional, 280 nm
Conductivity monitoring 0.01–999.99 mS/cm
Fraction collector 1 (optionally 2)
pH monitoring 0–14
Pump type Piston pump, metering type
Dimensions (W × H × D) 860 × 660 × 710 mm
Weight 116 kg
Protection class IP 21, wet side IP 22
Power supply 100–240V, ~50–60 Hz
Power consumption 800 VA
Applicable requirements 2006/42/EC (MD), 2004/108/EC (EMC), 1999/5/EC (R&TTE), 2011/65/EU (RoHS)
Compliance The product fulfills valid directives and standards when used within the conditions specified in the user manual. The product must also be used in the same state as it was delivered from GE Healthcare and connected only to other CE labeled modules from GE Healthcare or other products as recommended. For regulatory details, please see declaration of conformity.

What our customers are saying

“Integration of our ÄKTA avant systems in a global network allows for sharing of developed methods among users, supporting global standardization of our processes.”

Hans-Georg Bischof, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Germany

“The Column Logbook enables tracking of column use, which is important as our ÄKTA avant systems are operated by different users."

Andreas Schweizer, Molecular Partners, Switzerland

“We usually perform long runs of up to 14 hours and the Method Queues function of the UNICORN software greatly facilitates our work.”

Erwin van Puijenbroek, Roche Glycart AG, Swizerland

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