Biacore X100

Boost your protein interaction research


Boost your protein interaction research from day one.


Real-time insights into protein function and biological mechanisms.


Kinetics, affinity, specificity, and concentration analysis in one system.


Deeper understanding

Define structure/function relationships and understand the dynamics of molecular pathways.


Use the built-in knowledge base to easily generate top-quality interaction data for your research.

A boost for protein interaction research

Biacore X100 is a complete SPR solution for biochemistry, molecular biology, or other research labs involved in the study of molecular interactions. The system contains all the key functionalities needed for day-to-day molecular interaction research to boost understanding of protein function and biological mechanisms.


Get your work published fast

Versatility and flexibility, in combination with strong support, make it easy to generate top-quality data for your publications. With Biacore X100 on your bench, take your experiments to the next level and get the most from your protein interaction research.


Resolve varied and complex biomolecular interactions

Biacore X100 is used for a broad range of applications including: structural-functional studies; pathway analysis; biomarker discovery and validation; drug target identification and validation; assay development; analysis of small molecule interactions; and antibody analysis.


Dedicated consumables help you reach your goals

Whether you are working with antibodies, tagged proteins, or small molecules, we offer an extensive range of consumables to help you on the road to precise data. Biacore sensor chips, capture kits, reagents, and ready-made buffers are available to support for analysis of a wide range of interactions.


Convenient and flexible.

Gain insights into structure-function, pathway analysis, biomarker discovery, drug target identification and validation, and assay development.

Buffer tray.
Status lamps.
Upper front door housing sensor chip port.
Lower front door with pump compartment and optional degasser.
Illuminated sample compartment with autosampler rack, sample injection needle, and needle wash station.
Waste tray.


Specifications* Biacore X100
Applications Kinetics/affinity characterization, kinetics/affinity screening, single-cycle kinetics, LMW interaction analysis, epitope mapping, immunogenicity, concentration analysis, calibration-free concentration analysis, thermodynamics, Built-In Knowledge Base
Association rate (ka) (proteins) 103 to 109 M-1s-1
Dissociation rate (kd) 10-5 to 0.1 s-1
Affinity range fM to mM
Concentration range 10 pM to 2 mM
Precision (concentration analysis) <5% CV
Molecular weight limit > Mr 100
Baseline noise < 0.1 RU (RMS)
Baseline drift < 0.3 RU/min
Sample volume (kinetics) 32 to 120 μL
Immobilized molecule consumption Typically 1 μg
Analysis temperature Ambient/4°C to 40°C (requires Biacore X100 Plus Package)
Sample storage temperature Ambient
Data collection rate 1 Hz
Sample capacity Max. 15 vials
Number of flow cells 2
Unattended run time 24 h
Data evaluation time 1 curve set < 0.5 min
GxP support No
Additional packages Biacore X100 Plus Package
* Specifications are representative values and may vary depending on experimental conditions and individual properties of ligand and analyte
The application can be performed with limitations in software and/or hardware functionality

For more technical specifications, download the Biacore X100 datafile.

Compare technical specifications for different Biacore systems.

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