Biacore S200

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Our most sensitive SPR-based sensor offers increased productivity in LMW/fragment drug discovery.


Outstanding sensitivity enables detailed characterization and optimization of lead compounds with very fast on- and off-rates, even for difficult targets where response levels are low.


Screen 384 fragments in less than a day.



Exceptional performance with proven hardware and flexible software solutions, ensures high quality data from small sample volumes.


Run competition assays or scout for optimal buffers directly from microplates further broadens the applicability for low molecular weight (LMW) drug discovery applications.

High sensitivity opens the door for challenging applications

Our most sensitive SPR system facilitates work with difficult targets where response levels are low. The higher sensitivity also allows lower surface densities to be used, which often gives fewer secondary interactions and simplifies data interpretation.


Raise the standard of SPR in screening and lead optimization

Biacore S200 runs small sample volumes with a combination of outstanding sensitivity and productivity, raising the standard of SPR to a new level for fragment screening and lead optimization. Identification of true binders will boost confidence in the data since time wasted on false positives or negatives is reduced.


Analysis of complex proteins made easier

High sensitivity is achieved through a combination of the low baseline noise and the fast data collection rate, which enables analysis of very fast off-rates. The high sensitivity reduces the risk of secondary interactions and makes analysis of of multidomain and rare/sensitive protein interactions possible.


Realize the potential of competition assays with SPR

Biacore S200 simplifies the setup of competition experiments using a novel injection method that reduces the consumption of competitor and allows validation of binders for binding-site mapping.


Discover more about the interaction

Thermodynamic analysis enables prediction of binding energetics from the 3D structure of protein complexes, providing deeper understanding of molecular interactions. The forces driving the interaction are revealed through dedicated software templates, built-in buffer degassing, and stringent temperature control.


Get off to a flying start with software templates

Predefined run and evaluation templates guide the user and shorten time to results. The templates are available for all major types of assay and are preloaded with application-relevant settings. The templates are fully flexible and can be easily adjusted to fit specific assay needs.


Dedicated consumables help you reach your goals

Whether you are working with antibodies, tagged proteins, or small molecules, we offer an extensive range of consumables to help you on the road to precise data. Biacore sensor chips, capture kits, reagents, and ready-made buffers are available to support for analysis of a wide range of interactions.


High sensitivity, productivity, precision.

Our most sensitive SPR-based sensor offers increased productivity in LMW/fragment drug discovery.

Buffer tray space.
Compartment containing buffer degasser and sample pump.
Sample compartment inspection window.
Run status indicators.
Easy access to sensor chip port.
Temperature-controlled autosampler for optimal analysis performance and ensuring sample integrity.
Waste collection area.


Applications Kinetics/affinity characterization, kinetics/affinity screening, single-cycle kinetics, LMW interaction analysis, fragment screening, epitope mapping, thermodynamics
Association rate (ka) (proteins)
103 to 3 × 109 M-1s-1
Dissociation rate (kd)
10-5 to 2 s-1
Affinity range
fM to mM
Concentration range
Precision (concentration analysis)
<5% CV
Molecular weight limit
No lower limit for organic molecules
Baseline noise
< 0.0015 RU (RMS)
Baseline drift
< 0.3 RU/min
Sample volume (kinetics)
50 to 400 μL
Immobilized molecule consumption
0.03 to 3 μg/flow cell
Analysis temperature
4°C to 45°C
Sample storage temperature
4°C to 45°C
Data collection rate
1, 10, or 40 Hz
Sample capacity
1 × 96 or 384
Number of flow cells
Unattended run time
48 h
Data evaluation time
32 curve sets < 5 min
GxP support
Additional packages
* Specifications are representative values and may vary depending on experimental conditions and individual properties of ligand and analyte.
The application can be performed with limitations in software and/or hardware functionality.

For more technical specifications, download the Biacore S200 datafile.

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