Biacore T200

Versatility all the way from early research to drug discovery and quality control


Versatility all the way from early research to drug discovery and quality control.


Reliable ligand-binding assays, even for the most complex biologics.


Confident selection and characterization of the smallest organic compounds to large multidomain proteins.



Validated software meeting your regulatory expectations by supporting GxP procedures and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.


One platform for comprehensive characterization of molecular interactions in terms of kinetics, affinity, specificity, comparability, concentration, immunogenicity, and thermodynamics.

Secure assays to meet regulatory needs

The widely adopted Biacore T200 offers reliable ligand-binding assays—as described in regulatory guidelines—to characterize and assess comparability, even for the most complex biologics. An optional GxP Package allows Biacore T200 to integrate seamlessly into GMP/GLP-regulated workflows.


Simultaneous monitoring of up to four interactions

Biacore T200 supports the use of 96- and 384-well microplates. The use of all four flow cells allows four interactions to be simultaneously monitored. The sample compartment of Biacore T200 can be cooled down to 4°C, enabling the analysis of sensitive samples in unattended runs of up to 48 h.


Fast, simple kinetic analysis

Biacore T200 software offers a range of tools for confident and reliable kinetic analyses. These analyses can be performed using a multicycle approach (many samples against one ligand or when different ligands are immobilized), or alternatively, using single-cycle kinetics (fast runs without regeneration).


Confident concentration analysis – with or without standards

Software-supported direct binding and inhibition assays enable measurement of active concentration. The precision and automation of the system generates highly reproducible data. Calibration-free concentration analysis (CFCA) is of great value when no satisfactory calibration standard is available.


Dedicated support for immunogenicity testing

The software provides dedicated tools for immunogenicity testing for confident detection and characterization of anti-drug antibodies (ADA) during preclinical and clinical development.


Dedicated consumables help you reach your goals

Whether you are working with antibodies, tagged proteins, or small molecules, we offer an extensive range of consumables to help you on the road to precise data. Biacore sensor chips, capture kits, reagents and ready-made buffers are available to support for analysis of a wide range of interactions.


Reliable, versatile, and precise.

One platform for high-quality comprehensive characterization of molecular interactions - kinetics, affinity, specificity, comparability, concentration, and thermodynamics.

Buffer tray for up to four bottles.
Pump compartment with inspection window.
Easy access door to flow system components and buffer degasser.
Sample compartment and autosampler inspection window.
Software-controlled rack tray port.
Conveniently positioned lamps showing run status.
Easy access sensor chip port.
Right compartment door houses peristaltic pump for delivery of buffer and water.
Large waste collection area.


Parameter Specification*
Applications Kinetics/affinity characterization, kinetics/affinity screening, single-cycle kinetics, LMW interaction analysis, fragment screening, epitope mapping, immunogenicity, concentration analysis, calibration-free concentration analysis, thermodynamics, comparability, sample recovery MS
Association rate (ka) (proteins) 103 to 3 × 109 M-1s-1
Dissociation rate (kd) 10-5 to 1 s-1
Affinity range fM to mM
Concentration range 1 pM to 2 mM
Precision (concentration analysis) <5% CV
Molecular weight limit No lower limit for organic molecules
Baseline noise < 0.03 RU (RMS)
Baseline drift < 0.3 RU/min
Sample volume (kinetics) 50 to 400 μL
Immobilized molecule consumption 0.03 to 3 μg/flow cell
Analysis temperature 4°C to 45°C
Sample storage temperature 4°C to 45°C
Data collection rate 1 or 10 Hz
Sample capacity 1 × 96 or 384
Number of flow cells 4
Unattended run time 48 h
Data evaluation time 32 curve sets < 10 min
GxP support Yes (software package)
Additional packages GxP extension
* Specifications are representative values and may vary depending on experimental conditions and individual properties of ligand and analyte.
The application can be performed with limitations in software and/or hardware functionality.

For more technical specifications, download the Biacore T200 datafile.

Compare technical specifications for different Biacore systems.

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