A simple, yet flexible, control software for ÄKTA protein purification systems.

Fast and efficient protein purification


Automated runs enable time for other tasks in the lab.


Install in network for easy sharing of methods and results among users.


Quickly create methods by dragging and dropping predefined phases.


Simplified user interface for quick process insights.

Fast method setup

UNICORN 7 features an intuitive interface for creating methods by dragging and dropping predefined phases for a wide range of techniques. Full programming control is available for almost any imaginable purification.

Simplicity for quick evaluation

The Evaluation module of UNICORN 7 provides a simplified user interface optimized for most commonly used workflows. Simply switch to Evaluation classic to work on advanced tasks such as DoE.

Total interactive control

The interactive process picture shows the state of the chromatography run and the active flow path. The process picture also provides full access to parameter settings for manual control of your run.

Integrated design of experiments (DoE)

Use the DoE functionality to plan an experimental series to maximize the amount of information obtained from a minimum number of experiments. Run the experiments in an automated fashion. DoE integrated in the UNICORN software minimizes transfer of data and reduces time and risk of errors.

Design of experiments

Ensure column performance with Column Logbook

The optional UNICORN Column Logbook keeps track of column performance and important run data, providing traceability and increased operational security, especially if columns are shared. Increase ease-of-use by column identification through UniTag label scanning.

From one system to a whole facility

UNICORN software is a platform that is common to ÄKTA systems, from research to process scale. The software can be used in a network so that methods and data can be shared between all users and systems, resulting in full flexibility for optimal resource utilization. Using a common software platform also means that increasing capacity by adding more ÄKTA systems is very easy.

Flexibility to extend and grow

UNICORN 7 allows you to freely install and access the software on as many computers as you like. Number of concurrent users in the network setup is limited to the number of licenses available. Add licenses as your usage of the software increases. Results and methods are easily shared among users.

Easy access to upgrades and suitable products

UNICORN 7 upgrades are available to users free of cost. There is no need to install a new license for these upgrades. UNICORN 7 products are offered both individually and as tailor-made solution packages for customers in academia, process development, and manufacturing.

Two scientists discussing UNICORN results displayed on monitor with ÄKTA avant in the background

Accelerate your research today with ÄKTA pure or ÄKTA avant, together with UNICORN 7.

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