UNICORN start software

Conveniently control, monitor, and evaluate your protein purification.

Unicorn start

Monitor and control protein purification from your desk


Control your run remotely from your office computer.


Quickly create methods by dragging and dropping predefined phases.


Features preprogrammed protocols for easy startup.


Easily evaluate and share your results and plan your next experiment.

Stay warm, while your sample keeps cold

Remotely control your run on your computer using UNICORN start. This means that you can monitor your run from the warmth of your lab while you run ÄKTA start in a cold room or cabinet.

Unicorn start software

Creating a protocol has never been easier

Simply select a preprogrammed quick start protocol and enter your sample volume. Need to customize your protocol? No problem−just drag-and-drop methods from the built-in method library.

Easily evaluate, share, and create reports

UNICORN start allows you to design runs and evaluate your purification quickly and easily. Results can be stored and shared, and you can conveniently create and print reports using single-click operations.

Accelerate your research today with ÄKTA start & UNICORN start.

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