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Recent news from the world of protein purification and analysis.

Latest protein purification news

  1. 5/18/2017

    Launch of Superdex 30 Increase

    New generation size exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns for peptides and other small biomolecules.

  2. 4/24/2017

    Practical advice to significantly impact your chromatography workflow

    Download this guide to quickly identify and resolve protein purification problems when and where they happen. Includes general tips and specific help for SEC, AC, IEX, and HIC. Get practical advice on small changes and active choices that can significantly impact your purification results.

  3. 3/30/2017

    Launch of Biacore T200 Software v3.1

    Confident quantitation of binding similarities even for the most complex biologics.

  4. 3/9/2017

    Receive your free protein purification troubleshooting poster

    Quickly identify and resolve protein purification problems

  5. 12/21/2016

    UNICORN start 1.1 control software for the ÄKTA start system

    UNICORN start 1.1 control software for the ÄKTA start system has been released.

  6. 11/28/2016

    New guide for antibody purification

    Select your affinity column or resins according to your specific needs.

  7. 9/9/2016

    ÄKTA club web chat

    Join the ÄKTA club web chat to discuss protein purification with R&D scientists

  8. 6/14/2016

    A quick guide to protein purification

    This document gives the fundamentals of the key purification methods.

  9. 6/9/2016

    Launch of Superdex 75 Increase

    New generation size exclusion chromatography (SEC) columns for recombinant proteins.

  10. 4/29/2016

    New affinity chromatography handbooks

    Is affinity chromatography your thing? Our new handbook guides you to successful purification.

  11. 4/29/2016


    UNICORN 7 is now supported on the Windows 10 OS!

  12. 4/28/2016

    Your guide to chromatography media

    This interactive pdf helps you select the chromatography media and format suitable for your needs.

  13. 4/28/2016

    Analysis of conformational changes of a membrane protein using size exclusion chromatography

    This application note describes the use of Superdex™ 200 Increase 5/150 GL column for size exclusion chromatography (SEC), also called gel filtration, in the analysis of conformational changes of the CorA magnesium channel in response to Mg2+ binding.

  14. 3/20/2016

    Updated ion exchange chromatography (IEX) handbook

    New protocols as well as and hints and tips for getting the most from our Sepharose and Capto IEX media. Download a copy today.

  15. 3/14/2016

    DiPIA 2016 Conference

    Join fellow scientific leaders at DiPIA 2016 conference and find out about the latest applications, results, and troubleshooting tips in biomolecular interaction analysis.

  16. 3/3/2016

    Automated Two-Step Purification of Antibody Drug Candidates

    Purify antibodies fast and efficiently using automated multistep purification.

  17. 11/4/2015

    Tips for straightforward protein chromatography

    Dr Danielsson will share hints and tips about how to improve the yield and purity of the target protein and make sure the chromatography system runs smoothly leading to increased lab efficiency and better results.

  18. 5/19/2015

    How to combine protein purification techniques to optimize your results

    This educational session is aimed to give guidance to protein purification protocol development for laboratory scale, and is designed for researchers working with either tagged or native proteins.

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